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The Osteopathic School of Trieste


The only school of osteopathy in Friuli Venezia Giulia accredited by the Italian Register of Osteopaths - R.O.I. representative in Italy of F.E.O. - European Federation of Osteopaths, which adheres to and respects the educational criteria established by the O.M.S.

The professional experience, serves the student for the highest quality of education.

  • Certified with International Quality Certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 issued by the prestigious international organization TUV AUSTRIA.
  • Teachers, doctors and osteopaths, with decades of clinical and teaching experience
  • French and English teachers of international fame
  • Development of a global osteopathic approach, based on an international scientific and philosophical teaching methodology (Italian, English, French and American)
  • Limited number of classeswith a maximum of 20 students each
  • Quality control of the techniques taught and learned by the student
  • Continuous monitoring on individual learning
  • High number of practice hours and Clinical Training which grants excellence in palpatory skills and manual sensitivity
  • Advanced structure, to ensure optimal and complete learning in the field of osteopathic education and clinical practice for the entire training
  • Clinical Training at the school
  • Educational materials to cover the entire training period
  • Library with specialized texts in the medical and osteopathic fields
  • Diploma in Osteopathy issued by the Italian Register of Osteopaths – R.O.I.

Osteopathic College stands for Integrity, Commitment, Passion, Quality, Experience and Professionalism.

We train  Professionals!



Once up on a time…

iStock_000014830533XSmall.jpgSometimes it can happen to talk to an osteopath with years of practice and clinical experience, and asking him what is still new in the osteopathic field, one realizes that it faces a mature and calm professional, but with fresh and astonished child eyes who says: "EVERYTHING !"
Everything is new, and everything is renewed daily, in the relationship between us and the patient, between us and his body, between us and Health.
The way of listening and perceiving words renews, to liaise with the tissues and to approach their microcosm renews. These are simply asking to regain their health and well-being!

We've passed by the dogmas of the genetics in the field of the biomedical sciences and then moved from the most mechanistic vision of osteopathy of the beginnings of the '900 (with J.M. Littlejohn, H.H. Fryette), to the decade of the epigenetics, of the quantum physics and of the informational medicine.

We have thus reached the application and evolution of the osteopathic concept in very different fields such as the cranial system (with W. G. Sutherland, H. Magoun, V. M. Frymann) the visceral system (with L. Burns, A. Lignon, J.P. Barral), somato-emotional (with J. Upledger) and biodynamic (with Jim Jealous and Joe Grasso).

Other great professionals, as Pierre Tricot, Paul Chaffour and Eric Prat, have evolved their own approach, integrating in a global and unique way the systems.

Underlying all this diversity of approaches, in all this burst of evolution, in all these professionals and scientists, we always find the enthusiasm for research, study and application of new methods in the field of Health, with the consequent and constant opportunity to develop ourselves and those around us.

This is the spirit of the school...

Welcome to the Osteopathic College!

Roberto Pagliaro D.O. MROI



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L'Osteopatia in campo viscerale


Relationship between visceral, structural and cranio-sacral systems.

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